I am very fond of canines, those unconditional companions who
love me regardless of what day it is, how I’m feeling or what I’m

Although I have owned five dogs in the last 19 years, it is only
recently that I have begun to write about them in an effort to
showcase their special place in my heart.

This blog is an attempt to improve my writing, but mostly to give
my pets their space.

Top left: Winnie
Top right: Sol
Bottom left: Canela
Bottom right: Lila (and Canela in the background!)

Missing: Lucky temporarily while I find a good picture!


TL Cleansers!

I feel a little bit smug right now! My iPhone just gave me my screen time data and they tell me it was down by something like 15% last week. My screen time is mostly a reflection of the time I spend on Twitter, constantly updating my feed to see if anything monumental is happening. …

An Alarm!

The first full week of 2021 has ended. In my most anxious days I have never felt the insecurity that last Wednesday’s activity in Washington D.C. have brought us face to face with. Regardless of party affiliation most sane, thinking people have to pause and think about what it means going forward. In the days …


Dogs are my pals. I like to observe them. I am a writer who hopes
to one day have many publications I can brag about being in! Until
then, I will continue to observe and write about my dogs, past and
present and the ways they have touched and changed my life.