I am very fond of canines, those unconditional companions who
love me regardless of what day it is, how I’m feeling or what I’m

Although I have owned five dogs in the last 21 years, it is only
recently that I have begun to write about them in an effort to
showcase their special place in my heart.

This blog is an attempt to improve my writing, but mostly to give
my pets their space.

Top left: Winnie
Top right: Sol
Middle left: Canela
Middle right: Lila (and Canela in the background!)

Bottom Center: Lucky, construction dog who gave birth to 8 puppies, Sol being her runt!


A Missing Iguana

I like to brag to people that our property is a safe haven for the many creatures that decide to stay here. We have all sorts of birds, geckos, a stray cat, recently a baby boa constrictor that was adopted by a herpetologist and many, many iguanas. I have written about the iguanas before, how …


Dogs are my pals. I like to observe them. I am a writer who hopes
to one day have many publications I can brag about being in! Until
then, I will continue to observe and write about my dogs, past and
present and the ways they have touched and changed my life.