My first public blog post

Actually, I have been blogging for a while under different “sites”. I don’t really know why I am feeling a little confused about the fact that I have been writing for a while but I am not getting the traffic I desire and rarely do I receive any kind of feedback. The purpose of creating this blog years ago was so that I would  have a commitment to meet each day: namely to write and publish something. However, I started to see some really worthwhile posts and

decided that my posts were not going to be good enough. On top of that, my life got really busy and I felt like I didn’t want to go out there and take pictures and I also didn’t want to have to search different sites (like Bing) to get just the right picture because I know that the illustration I have in my head is not going to be out there on some site. So I put aside the thought of publishing in this particular site until about a month ago when I upgraded one of my group’s sites and decided that maybe attending “blog university” and actually doing the assignments might be a good idea to remember my original purpose: to write every day!

The first assignment says to give ourselves permission to just write, not worry about grammatical errors or spelling mistakes but just to sit down and write away. Well I’ve done that and I will publish this one just to see how it goes and how I grow.

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