Little Sol was born on August 6, 2001, the same day our daughter
turned 6. She was the runt of a litter that had 7 other siblings. Her
mother had shown up on our property at the start of our house
construction, just a puppy perhaps 6 months old herself. Although
I had asked the men who were on the building site to chase her
away, they were not able to do so. We named her Lucky (to have
found us!) and we all know that once you name a dog, it’s yours.

Lucky was strictly an outdoor dog. She became the guard dog and
attracted the attention of several male dogs quickly even though we
had begged the builders to keep her enclosed until we could take her
to the vet. When we found out she was pregnant, we decided to let
her have her puppies. We were taken by surprise when she gave birth
to 8 puppies of various colors and sizes. She was all alone when she
did it, an amazing feat that I never stopped admiring. We managed to
find homes for 5 or the puppies and kept three plus Lucky because
our property was quite large. One of the puppies (Luna) was poisoned,
another (Bull) was stolen and we were left with tiny Sol who had been
ignored by Lucky for most of the early months!

Lucky died in September 2007 a victim of erlichea, the tick disease.
Sol proved to be very resilient, passing away in August 2016, at the
ripe old age of 15. I look at her picture and remember her very unique
personality. As more memories come to me, I will devote a blog to her.

photo of Sol from my archives

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