A photography session with Lila

I attended a crafts fair last weekend. It was truly an amazing event. I was impressed by the quality of the artisanal products available for purchase and was once again impressed with the talent in our small country. I feel that if Martha Stewart, the maven of crafts, were to come to this little fair she would have been just as impressed as when she visits exotic lands and finds humble persons making unbelievably beautiful treasures. I wish our own people could see their goods from the point of view of an appreciator of these things.

But back to the reason for this particular blog entry. I participated in a raffle without giving it too much thought. It was for a photography session for pets…in my case, more specifically for our Lila. As I was filling out my data, it occurred to me that it was probably unlikely that I would win…and on the other hand, I also had a comical glimpse of what it would be like to actually take Lila on this kind of outing and see what a professional might have to undergo to get her to cooperate. The picture in this blog was easy for me to capture, Lila was outside my office because she enjoys being close to her humans. She is quite the character! My phone is always with me so when I opened the door to leave my office, I noticed she was lying out there looking out in the distance. I wondered what thoughts she might be having, do they think…one thing led to another and I took the picture before she moved. I think it came out very nicely.

To sum up, I did win the raffle. I have yet to call to make the appointment because I will need to travel a distance with Lila in the car, something we have never attempted. But the idea of a professional picture of Lila does excite me and I will get busy this week getting the details.


picture of Lila my own

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