A day in the life…

She guards us all night. Then in the wee hours, asks to come back in and spends the rest of the day at my feet, sleeping the day away. If I get up, she follows me and plops nearby wherever I happen to be. She follows my husband around also but seems to have a marked preference to hanging around me. It is actually a little surprising, I am not as affectionate with her as I should be or as my husband is. I guess what she senses from me is a steadiness…I can be counted on…and I count on her protection. Even though to me she is the gentlest creature around, I can understand why a stranger would hesitate to make any sudden moves when she is on watch. She is very black, including her tongue, and can make herself appear quite a bit larger; not to mention that deep blood curdling bark she emits. So glad we found each other.

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