Another day in the life…

At almost 10 years old, Lila has become quite the watchdog. This picture was taken on Saturday on a walk around our property where she was fascinated by work being done on some bamboo by one of our gardeners. I am constantly taking pictures of Lila but none seem to do justice to the characteristics that make her so special. She is part chow or sharpei and labrador, complete with the distinctive black tongue of the former breeds.

We do not know how Lila’s first 5 or 6 months of life were lived. She appeared on our property one day with a sprained front paw and a chewed-through leash. We believe she escaped some unfortunate situation and although we already had three dogs at the time, we were unable to let her be adopted once we had taken her to the vet and she had healed. She was not an easy dog to get used to, she was/is nervous and every once in a while she has fits where she spins around and growls at some inexistent monster…almost like she is possessed. However, her good days are the usual and we are looking forward to a few more years with her by our side.

She is an excellent alarm and can (as most dogs) instinctively feel when a person is friend or foe!


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