The Ides of March and Mercury together!

Beware of Lila

Apparently we are in Mercury’s retrograde phase! Since I am an avid fan of horoscopes and all things “metaphysical”, I do pay attention to these phases when they come around, and they come around every 88 days. Mercury is the planet of turbulence and disruption and its effects can be taken into account by being extra vigilant about communications, accidents, etc. The phenomenon is not really easy to explain but it is definitely worth reading about, even if just for curiosity.

Lila has been extra clingy and also extra alert for her the small and large creatures (iguanas mostly) that roam our property. She is a joy to observe and in writing about her today, I feel I have given her a bit of very deserved love and attention for her loyalty to us.

Solar flare action has also been noted these days with the internet bursting with beautiful pictures. Solar flares, mercury and the ides of March, it is truly bouncing right now.

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