The K-9 Units of the neighborhood

I am oftentimes referred to as the “Rottweiler” of the neighborhood because I am vigilant when it comes to strangers hanging around our road. It is essential, in my opinion, that residents look after their belongings, properties, neighbors, plants and pets, not necessarily in that order. Law enforcement agencies have enough on their agendas to be as watchful of everything in their jurisdiction as the actual owners of these things.

What annoys me, though, is how some canine owners leave their pets unattended and unsupervised for hours on end. These creatures are bored and each time someone walks their block, they begin their version of the twilight bark, at any time of the day or night. The problem is not only that the animals, through no real fault of their own, disturb their neighbors but that after a while, the neighbors tune them out so that if there really is a reason for alarm, it often goes unresponded to.

Last week, in a quiet area of our small town, a triumvirate of robbers on their motorcycles were able to penetrate several residences in quick succession without a single animal being responded to even though lots of barking was taking place. That’s because everyone else in the complex believed it was just another day for the dogs of the area. Fortunately, the robbers got their bounty quickly and no animals were hurt. Still, if the owners had done their job (training their pets) properly, they might still have their possessions and not that awful feeling that comes when one’s home has been invaded. Something to think about. public domain image

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