Bonding with a Cat!

I am extremely fond of dogs! Cats have never held too much of my attention or affection, although I have not once been nasty to any. They and I can simply co-exist in the same location and have a neutral effect on one another. Or so I thought.

These past few days, I am visiting with my daughter who owns Otis, pictured above. Otis is about 3 years old and has been with her since he was a wee kitten. He has grown quite large and believes he is the boss! I lived with my grandmother when I was a teenager and she always had a cat or two in residence because she believed in the effectiveness of their mouse- controlling power. I was never aware of them except on the rare occasions when they happened to be eating and I ventured into the kitchen. I wasn’t responsible for them in any way and I suppose that’s what made me not responsive to them.

An electrician came to the house yesterday to take care of repairs long needed. I was alone in the house with Otis and since a dog always lets you know of their presence, I completely forgot that Otis’ behavior is not at all like that. After realizing that the front door was open and that I couldn’t find Otis anywhere, I panicked. My only thought was what I would tell my daughter about his absence. I quickly came up with a desperate solution: I would adopt an adult male and hope I could convince her of his identity. It suddenly dawned on me that while any similar cat might convince me, his non-mother, my daughter would surely be wise to the deception. I had to nix that plan immediately.

My stomach was in knots. I searched for him everywhere. I asked the electrician if he had seen him (nope!). I went from room to room, even checking rooms where the doors had been closed for days, after all didn’t Sylvester often manage to squeeze his cartoon body under a tiny crack between the door and the floor? I knew I was being ridiculous, but I was distraught. I even checked the litter box, hoping he was somehow trapped there!

Otis hiding out!

My search ended happily when I found him squeezed into this tiny corner, a feat I consider incredible given all the obstacles he had to navigate to get there. I quickly locked the front door and made myself a cup of tea to relax me from the day’s hectic events. Otis and I have bonded, he now comes to visit me in my apartment…if I could just do something about that clawing habit he has. Apparently he’s just making sure I know he thinks we, too, belong together. I am experiencing surprise that I can be fond of a cat, it has been a very nice shock!

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