Aging Pets!

Lila, pictured above, came to us as a delightful puppy in August 2010. It is hard to believe all the years and adventures we have had together. She is just a wonderful companion, although I will be the first to admit, her behavior when she first arrived at our home was anything but docile.

We suppose Lila suffered some early trauma. We don’t really know where she came from, only that someone saw as she either jumped or was thrown from a moving vehicle. She hurt her paw/limb and was rescued by a nice family. Somehow, she was able to chew through her leash and walked/limped her way to our property. We had three other dogs at the time and the constant loud barks from them alerted my daughter and me to the fact that there was an “intruder” in the area. When we saw the beautiful, black animal sitting quietly under one of our trees, we approached with great caution.

As we came closer to Lila, it was apparent that she was hurt. We took her to a veterinarian and he determined that although she had sprained her front leg, there was no need for a cast, a simple bandage would allow her to heal in a few weeks, at which time, we would put her up for adoption. Naturally, my daughter looked at me with those beautiful puppy dog eyes, and pleaded silently that she be allowed to keep her. I struggled internally.

My husband was away and we had recently had a conversation where he mentioned getting another dog “in the far future” and I balked at the very idea of it, no matter how far away it seemed. I felt like I was committing some sort of crime allowing our family to adopt another pet without my husband’s presence or okay, yet my daughter’s frank desire overwhelmed and convinced me. Today, our Lila, is my husband constant companion and I know that even though it was not a choice he made (to adopt her), he is increasingly aware of what an important pet she has been to him. They share a bond that I am envious of (in a good way)!

We never know what exactly goes on in the minds of our pets but from Lila’s devotion and happiness when she sees her “best friend”, I am sure it is all good.

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