A dog’s comfort level

I thought I would be more reliable in blogging consistently about pets.
Alas, life gets in the way and by the time I actually sit to write in one of
my 7 blogs, stuff gets lost…but yesterday, I wrote in another blog something
I will repeat here:
As I write this message, my feet are in contact with Lila’s (our dog) soft, 
black velvety fur. She is sound asleep, stretched on her side – a position 
that conveys the level of comfort and trust she has in her surroundings. 
I take a moment to watch her steady breathing and remind myself that 
she is getting older. Instead of being sad by what it means, I decide to 
stay in and savor the present moment. These are the details that matter 
right now, the ones I should be attentive to.
Lila is back at my feet this morning, resting in the same position and almost
the same exact spot as yesterday. She is very reliable, her outpouring of love
and loyalty amazing beyond belief.

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