Vacations from our Pets

I may or may not ever have grandchildren. The truth is that I have never had an opinion one way or the other when it comes to others having children so I have not pushed mine to make me a grandma. The closest I may ever come is Otis, (featured above) my daughter’s cat and Jasmin, Willow (dogs) and Pirate (cat) who belong to my son and his wife. They all live far away from me and I only get to enjoy their company when I visit New York.

My daughter is visiting us this season. She is here for almost one month, a luxury she has been able to enjoy because she is currently freelancing in her field. This may be the last time she can do it because adult responsibilities loom ahead and full-time employment is insinuating itself into her life. I had misgivings about her leaving Otis alone for so long, even though he is an independent cat (aren’t they all?), I think he does get lonely and although she hired someone to come in and spend a little time with him every day, it is a costly ordeal and hardly the same as being home with your pet.

As I write this blog, Lila, my faithful canine companion sits at my feet. Every so often she will nudge me so that I will bend down and pet her. She is getting older.  After having had pets in the past 20 years that have lived long and fruitful lives with us, I wonder what my husband and I will do when Lila begins to show signs of irreversible aging. I think we held on to one of our dogs for longer than we should have but I could not bear the thought of putting her to sleep before we did. Selfish, I know and hopefully with Lila I can be kinder to her than I was to my beloved Winnie.

Let’s hope for a wonderful 2020 for all our four footed companions who add so much to our lives.


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