My Aging Canine

Pet lovers and pet owners everywhere have had to face the sorrow of losing our beloved furry companions. Lila’s most frequent pose is the one pictured here. Sometimes her breathing is so slow and quiet that I stop what I am doing to observe whether her chest moves to assure me that she is alive.

I don’t know why I worry so much, she is in perfect health. I suppose it is because she is almost ten and I can see that she is slowing down. Her bouncy young self appears sometimes but that pup’s behavior is then followed by days of slow, geriatric movements while avoiding stairs (like I do!) and generally taking it easy.

Lila is a perfect companion, guarding us when needed but more often seeking love and staying close to one of us as we go about our daily routines. We have owned, loved and buried four dogs…although we would love to adopt another dog to give Lila companionship, we fear we may have waited too long and it would be difficult for her (and us) to adjust to a new bouncy entity in our house. For now, we are all enjoying the reality that is our daily existence and taking care of the one companion who doesn’t judge us no matter how late we come home or how ugly we look! Hooray for pets!

photo of Lila, my own

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