Non-judgmental Pets

My son returned to NY today after being with us for a week. For us, the week just flew by but I can imagine that to his pets, his absence was eternal.

He touched base a few minutes ago and I asked whether his pets went crazy when he arrived. His answer: “Yes, very!” made me happy for him and nostalgic for the times when our four dogs raced each other to greet me when I returned home after even the briefest of absences.

Our children have had pets since their childhood. I am sure they can hardly remember time without pets and they have continued to have pets despite how challenging it is to own a pet in the U.S. The veterinarian bills alone would make me think it over very carefully but that is because I am older and no longer as free with my money as I once was.

The joy an animal displays when we return is a wonderful affirmation of the fact that they love us without judgment. And what could be better than that?


Picture Public domain

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