Still grieving!

Our precious Winnie was 17 years old when we put her to rest in 2016. She had been with us since she was 6 months old, a rescue puppy that we immediately fell in love with. She was just a wonderful pet, not crazy about children in general (we think she was abused by children in her early months) but amazing with our children.

Winnie began showing signs of dementia and had some seizures for about a year before we were ready to let her go. I often think perhaps it was cruel to keep her alive for so long but I found it impossible to accept that she no longer had a good life. I was not home when my husband and sister-in-law made the sad (but correct) decision but I accepted that it was time.

I will never forget her unconditional love, the way she watched over all of us. She used to run back and forth when I was swimming my laps and a couple of times, she accidentally fell into the pool scaring me half to death as her body landed on mine.

Our pets are here temporarily but they leave an indelible impression on our hearts. We owe them everything for the way they never judge us and always look out for us and our children.

picture of Winnie my own

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