A Sanctuary for Iggie!

Most weekday mornings,  after I have had my fruit and my first cup of coffee I take a quick look at the day’s emails. If nothing needs to be answered right away,  I make my way to the pool to swim my laps. I am grateful that I can still do this in these Covid-19 times because the pool is on our property.
For the last several years, I have been greeted by the sound the rustle of
leaves makes when our resident iguana scurries for cover and safety!  There are days when I remember its existence and descend the stairs
quietly so as not to spook it.  More often, however, we startle one another and react in accordance with our survival instincts:  I stop dead
in my tracks until it disappears and it dashes wildly in the direction of its favorite hiding place!
Today,  I strolled to the pool, lost in thought while distractedly admiring the beauty surrounding me despite the fact that we are in the dry season and everything is brown.   I found myself in the region with my live-in lizard before it or I had time to react.  I continued my advance serenely as it perched gloriously atop two magnificent rocks on either side of the stairs. I was amused when I noticed that a faint sound from me had elicited only a tiny cautious glance my way from this dweller.  It was too happy basking in the sun to run away and hide from me!
Once on the pool deck I prepared myself for my ‘dive’.  Before donning my swim cap, goggles and nose clip,  I looked quickly at the iguana
whose stretched body seemed to meld into the rocks it was on; the colors an identical grayish yellow.  A wave of gratitude washed over me when I realized that our property is perceived as a sanctuary by these creatures.  We have endeavored to make our home a sanctuary for our family which now includes our dog,  many birds and iguanas!  Life is good here.  We know it and coexist in harmony. If it were only so in the whole world, what a difference it would be.
picture my own

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