Being a Pet Parent in Covid-19 times!

Yesterday, Mother’s Day was celebrated in the U.S. and in many other countries. It was an unusual day to be sure, as most mothers and children were not able to be together to embrace one another or share a meal together as they might have in other years.

Motherhood is far from perfect. There are those who have complicated relationships that transcend love and there are others where there might have been abuse, neglect or indifference. Whatever the relationship though, the fact remains that for months and then at delivery, our mother was there for us to make sure we made it into the world. The rest is up to us, that is my firm belief.

Contrast that with having a pet. Parenthood when it comes to pets is really no different when we think about it, except that we had nothing to do with how or when our pet actually came into the world (unless we are breeders, of course, but that is a blog for another day!). In the current Covid-19 reality, our pets might be providing us with much needed relief, love and companionship as we and they battle out what it means to be in confinement. I am sure many of us are happy beyond measure and grateful to have a companion with us who never criticizes or cares what we look like when we are hanging around the house. They are probably a little confused but happy just the same that we are home with them.

Enjoy your pets, you will miss this bonding time when things go back to normal and you have to leave them for hours at a time again.

picture of Lila my own

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