Animal Nuggets


I am making good progress on the exciting projects I set up for myself in this strange time of “downtime”. I just returned from my garden where my lovely fig has been getting healthier and promises to continue to do so now that the rainy season has begun in earnest here in our tropical paradise.

The beginning of 2020 did not warn me in any sort of way for what the rest of the year was going to be like. There we were in January, entertaining our children who visited us from New York. My brother had arranged an all-male cousin fishing excursion which was such a success they decided to repeat the adventure next year. My daughter and I began to scheme about celebrating our momentous birthdays in August (25 for her) and September (65 for me)!

The first of my two trips to New York was in my mind and I began to peruse the calendar and the airfares for April. Suddenly, out of seemingly nowhere, we began to hear about Covid-19. Then came reports of spreading contagion. Then came mid-March and all hell broke loose. We are now in the beginning of the ninth week (for us in Costa Rica) of quarantine. It is hard to believe that all these weeks have passed, yet here we are.

I gaze at Lila as I write these words. She is lying at my feet, her favorite place when I sit down to write. She has no idea that anything is different in our lives because the last decade or so has found us working from home anyway. But now I don’t go out and I am more inclined to pet her and squeeze her and keep her close to me. I am sure she wonders what’s up, little realizing what a comfort she is to me and my husband as we navigate these new times.

Ever wonder what your pets are thinking? Don’t you wish they could talk? On the other hand, if you observe them closely, they do let you know what’s going on, don’t they?

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