A Poser?

If you follow my blog, you know that I live in the tropics, surrounded by Nature and host to many spectacular creatures. I had no idea how attached I would become to this particular iguana who actually lets me come very close to him. Every morning I swim my laps and at some point, he comes out of his burrow and takes his sunbath. When I am exiting the pool, I talk to him calmly, letting him know that I am stepping out of the pool and will never harm him.

He is calm and rarely runs away anymore unless I forget about his presence and make too much of a splash or haphazard noise that startles him. If my husband makes his way to the pool with our dog, Iggy usually panics and runs away to safety.

I only swim during the week so I have no idea whether he stays out for longer when I am not around on the weekend. It would be quiet interesting to tape him and see just where he goes to get some food.

Although I know that there are other iguanas on our property, this particular one has become the focus of my attention. It is not particularly handsome but it displays elegant confidence that I admire. I am not sure how long iguanas live but I hope this one will be here for a while. I enjoy taking its picture, and secretly I think it enjoys posing for me.

Picture of iguana my own

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