No Judgment From a Pet!

I had made a list of “priorities” to accomplish today. I once read that if your list has more than 3 items on it, then you have no priorities! I beg to differ, my lists rarely have less than 5 items on them, all of equal importance and sometimes I go to bed at night without having tackled any because other more immediate urgencies came along! Go figure. Life is what it is right now.

My Lila lies at my feet, an attitude she assumes whenever I am working. She is just so lovely. Thinking of our pets, I wonder if there is a pet at the White House right now. I don’t think I have ever seen a picture of the current first family with a dog or a cat. Goodness, even majestic Queen Elizabeth II, a woman respected and admired by the world (if not loved!) has always had her beloved corgis in view of the people. The White House is missing so much. As I was looking at the picture of a dejected #45 (no worries, I will not kick a man when he’s down) descending the stairs of his airplane on return from Tulsa, I wondered if a non-judgmental golden retriever would have cheered him up.

pixabay image

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