An Unusual Sight on My Fence!

In my little corner of the world, I am privileged to be surrounded by Nature and all her gifts! It is not something I take for granted, in fact I stand in awe and gratitude every single day that I have been able to move here to enjoy what will be the last several decades (I trust) of my life!

Last week, I had the opportunity to witness something that I never thought I would see. We noticed a swarm of bees on one of our fences. My usual reaction is “Quick, get the RAID” but my neighbor, who happens to know all about bees and had some in her native Canada, suggested I seek an alternative. Lucky for us, there are actual bee keepers and small honey producers in our small town. Within minutes, I contacted one and a few hours later, he showed up and voila, all gone! Such is the beauty of the small town when it works! I hope he is successful and shares some of the honey with us.



pictures my own

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