A Couple of Owls and a Pussycat!


I woke up early this morning and went about with my usual routine: I have my fruit dish, a cup of black coffee, read a little twitter and catch up on email reading (I don’t respond until after 10 usually). Then I make my way to the pool to swim 40 laps.

Sometimes Mondays are difficult. After a Saturday with nothing pressing and a really low-key Sunday, Monday is filled with chores. I do the laundry and I wash my hair (a once a week ritual because my hair is very long, thick and curly). I enjoy having this routine and when I get it accomplished before noon, then I feel like the whole week is set up nicely.

Today I had the pleasure of seeing the return of the owls that enjoy hanging out at our property. We also have permanent iguanas, many species of birds and of course, our dog, Lila.

Lila is getting older. Lately I have noticed that she is moving slower than just the same time last year. I suppose at 10 the arthritis is setting in but she is still a wonderful companion and I hope we can keep her happy and healthy for a long time to come.

Our neighbors recently took in a stray cat that had gotten into some mischief. I admire their love of animals, how sensitive they are to the pain the little cat was experiencing. I am not a natural cat lover. My daughter has a cat and I have come to love him and accept him because I can spend time with him and we seem to read one another well. For me to go out and rescue a cat though, I cannot say that is in me.

The little cat was brought to the vet and emergency surgery was performed. Afterwards they needed to keep him at home for the recovery. For a while it looked like he would not make it through the night but true to cat stereotype behavior, he seems to be on his second or third life in less than that many years!

Just goes to show what a little TLC can do…and the many tears shed by the (now and future, I’m sure) permanent parents!

image my own

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