Life Goes on in Quarantine!

Our dog Lila has not been feeling well lately. Although my husband was at first disagreeing with me (I often attribute human sensitivities to her), her recent  BMs have not been normal and it pains me to see her going around the house in a listless fashion. Without confirmation from the vet, however, there is little we can ascertain and with the Covid-19 restrictions in our small town, we are simply watching her and her poop!

Life in quarantine for us has not been bad at all. I haven’t lost my job (I am happily retired) and the only thing that I am somewhat disappointed about is that I have not been able to make it to the hairdresser. I have always been very OCD about my hair which is long, thick, curly and regularly transitioned from one flattering tone to another. Right now, aside from the lovely highlights still showing, I also have about a 2-inch root of silver hair…not acceptable to me under any conditions!

Yesterday my husband gave Lila a bath. She seemed a little more energetic and really needed the bath. My complaint today, however, is that every time she moves from one place to another, she sheds a very feathery kind of hair that makes its way around a room until it lands softly but in a determined way in the corners of the room or gets trapped at the edges of doors and windows. I really dislike dust and crumbs on counters and tabletops. All who live with me know this. I am constantly dusting things and sweeping up crumbs. Now I have to deal with this feather hair that eludes all my efforts to contain in.

light feathery hair flying

Lila is lying at my feet as I write, a comfortable and secure place for her to be in sickness and in health! My heart melts as I watch her breathe in and out and I am glad that her BMs since last night have been normal. I guess the boiled chicken we have been feeding her has improved her health. And naturally, she really enjoys getting special treatment.

The joys of dog ownership are immense, every now and then filled with a bit of anxiety when our pets aren’t feeling well, but overall worth the worry!

pictures my own

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