Romping for Fun!

There’s a disheveled little white dog running around our property this morning. I think it belongs to our neighbor a few hundred yards away. It must be coming in through a gap in the fence between our properties that needs mending. I can’t tell if it’s a Maltese or Bichon Frise but the joy it exudes as it darts from section to section makes me smile. I wonder if its owners are aware it escapes.

I am not really a big fan of small dogs. I am a small (well, short) person but the only smallish dog I like is the West Highland White Terrier (Westie) because it reminds me of me! Active, social, short and round. It is the only small dog I would ever own if we ever own another dog after Lila which is highly doubtful at this point. I think she is enjoying being the “only” child after a lifetime of sharing our attention with two children and three other dogs. It is her turn.

My love of Westies began in New York. These little guys are a popular breed in the Manhattan high-risers because of their hardiness and compactness. I used to observe Manhattanites walking their dogs along the elegant streets, their dogs wearing fashionable plaid coats with matching caps. Before I had children, I would actually stop and stare at the cute little bundles and wish I could have one of my own.

After the children came along, though, it seemed very impractical to own a dog that would need to be walked, groomed, fed and kept company while navigating the world of childhood in the city too. I knew people who did own dogs, kids, cars and all the rest but it proved too much for me. I knew my limits. Waiting for elevators when your child wants to take his bike too was not the most welcome sight for most people who were already on the elevator. I bless the day when elevators and grumpy stockbrokers were no longer part of my life. I wonder how it is going for them in Covid-19 times. free to use image

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