Counting our Blessings

Every morning I count my blessings as I wake up and hear the musical birds outside the window. I am lucky to be fully aware of all the privileges that have been bestowed upon me even though at times life might have looked a bit dark. I feel Lila’s wet nose tug me gently out of bed, communicating with her body that she needs to go out. Sometimes she lies next to her bowl because there is no water in it. Sometimes she simply wants company.

After 10 years of having Lila, I am often mystified by how canines do tell us their needs if we are patient and willing to interpret. I know a lot of people who are absolutely crazy about their dogs or so committed to their mission of saving all abandoned cats and dogs that they add rescues by numbers so unwieldy their neighbors have to call animal control on them. Our case never went that far although we did at one time have 4 dogs, all rescues. We have large outdoor areas and do believe in indoor pets as well, so our pets have never inconvenienced anyone. I can’t say the same for the people whose heart was in the right place but whose resources and neighbors were not in tandem.

I am no longer on FB so I can’t keep up with all the activities that are planned for fundraising for the animal projects. Sometimes I debate with myself about getting back on FB but then I remember that the politics that made me sign out permanently still exists even in my little town. In these days of Covid-19, I know that the needs of animal rescue centers are probably the same but there is little I can do. Hopefully we will soon get a real handle on flattening this second (and more important) curve and get to a place where we can work in the projects that are close to our heart and give and receive blessings! free to use and share image


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