Another Week Begins

It’s Monday, August 10th.  Here in Costa Rica where I live, we have begun our 23rd week of Covid-19 experience. We began our journey with this virus just like everyone else, knowing little about it or how it would affect our daily lives.

In March, our Minister of Health outlined things for us. I remember sitting with my father at his eye doctor’s appointment and wondering what this bizarre illness going on in China was all about. We began to see numbers posted but being the eternal optimist that I am, I knew that the measures our Ministers of Health, Security and Presidency were implementing would scare us into compliance. How wrong I was!

Although it took a while before the first sad death was recorded, the numbers have climbed steadily and as of this afternoon, we now have a total of 244 deaths, and a total of over 22,000 cases. Although in comparison to the  U.S. those numbers are low, for us, tiny nation that we are, even the first death was a blow and the rising infections are alarming. We have our share of conspiracy theorists but for the most part, we all agree that the virus is real and that we have to do our part to get stop the spread and begin the healing.

So, that brings me to the animals on our “farm”. Back in April when we could still move around more or less freely, I missed my chance to go to the nursery and pick up seeds or young plants for my garden. Since I could see that it wasn’t going to happen anytime soon, I decided instead to focus on the flowers around the property. I purchased two beautiful and unusually-colored hibiscus plants to fill in a gap I had recently noticed on the borders of our property. I was concerned that their tender, young leaves would be devoured (overnight) by the leaf-cutter ants so I asked our gardener to build a small chicken-wire cage around them.

Yesterday morning, I noticed that the top of one of the structures was toppled over and the gorgeous flowers were no longer on the plant. Fortunately, the other plant is still unharmed. As soon as I could get over to the structure, I saw a small iguana running for shelter. I was frankly conflicted. On the one hand, I am proud of the feeling of sanctuary our property has, on the other hand, I spend quite a bit of time (and resources) on my flowers and don’t like the destruction the iguanas cause. In the end, I simply asked the gardener to fix the structure again and hope the victim recovers soon.

picture of iguana my own


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