Pets during Covid-19

I feel a little down today. That is very unusual, no matter what goes on in the world around me, I am hardly ever given to moroseness. I blog here every Monday, I try to keep it light and about animals, the kind that boost our lives by their very presence.

Today, I am thinking of the animals on the internet, the ones that aren’t so kind, the two legged types. But that has to be a blog for another day, it isn’t fair to all of you kind-hearted owners and lovers of the furry-footed types.

My Lila senses my sadness. She lies at my feet, or follows me from room to room as if to say, “Look, this will pass. I won’t leave you, and better yet, I won’t judge you. Not for your stories, not for your grammatical errors and certainly not for your spelling mistakes.”

It is a comfort in these times to see how many people are continuing to adopt or rescue animals whose owners may have passed away or been forced to abandon them because they could no longer afford to keep them. Regardless of what political leanings we have, there is no denying that the world is undergoing tremendous and painful changes.

I feel the weight of Lila’s hind quarters on my toes, the heat from her body comforts me and when I gaze into her eyes, I don’t notice the cataracts, just the tenderness in them as she responds and heals my pain.

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