What Happened to Monday?

I usually write in this blog on Mondays. I don’t know what happened to my day yesterday but when I looked at the clock, it was 3 p.m. and I have no idea how we got there.

It is probably just as well. I had nothing new to write about in terms of our dog or nature. It seems the “tax issue” written about yesterday took all the focus from my day. Twitter was calling my name for too many hours.

This morning, I went to do my usual round of nature walking and came upon a long, brown snake on the premises. Well, actually, I didn’t come upon it, our gardener pointed it out to me so that I wouldn’t freak out. It’s not my nature to freak out but I appreciated the sentiment.

It is an Oxybelis aeneus or brown vine snake. A slender snake which is not poisonous but as our gardner says, it still bites and the shock will kill you!

Here’s a picture:


I need a better camera, but you can get an idea. We think the snake had just had a meal, judging by the little bulge in its length, perhaps a large slug or a small rodent. Either way, we are happy and escorted it carefully down the property where it will hopefully find a nice vine to swing on.

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