Nothing New Around Here

I am going to try to write, edit and publish this blog entry using WordPress’ block editor. I don’t know why I am having such an inordinate time adjusting, normally I am a pretty open person who bounces with the punches. I guess I just got used to the old way and find this way a bit disturbing.

Every once in a while I hit something on my laptop’s touchpad and my typing ends up on another line. That jump disconcerts me and I don’t always find exactly where it has landed until I go back and edit my work. I don’t enjoy editing my work, preferring to let things go as they may. However when I stop, breathe, take my time and go over my work I usually find the error and improve my entry by changing a word here and there. It seems to me I am in a bit of a negative funk and for that I apologize.

One look at my lapdog (she is too big for that really, but she acts like a puppy sometimes) as she rests by my feet tells me that, in the words of Robert Browning, … “God’s in his heaven, all’s right in the world.”

There are so many things to be changed but today is only Monday, my chore day and I have still at least two loads of laundry to wash, dry and fold. I also have a board of directors meeting later and I need to make dinner. A full day, another one in a long string of what makes a life.

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One Reply to “Nothing New Around Here”

  1. You catch my own trepidations with the new(wish) system very well.
    I have to admit I lose patience – it should be a simple task. “But this new system …’ simplifies? Works better? So did the other.
    Challenge, I tell myself, is good for you.
    It’s everywhere at the moment, though – Everything challenges!
    A little space of peace?

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