Getting the Hang of Block Editor

I have finally decided that I’d better get on board and learn to easily and comfortably navigate the Block Editor that WordPress has been urging us to change to. So much for my resistance, it is futile.

Last week, pondering on these things, I inadvertently sipped a little bit too much rum. In the morning, I didn’t feel my usual spring chicken self but I forced myself to get up, hydrate, and do my laps the way I do every morning. It didn’t take long before I was feeling much better and I am grateful that the rum I drank was high quality so I didn’t have a hangover. I admit I did have some regret, especially about the extra calories consumed when I am supposed to be watching my weight.

I decided that it wasn’t the worst sin in the world and that I needed to be kind to myself. A few minutes after sitting down to begin to draft today’s blog, I felt my lovely pet, Lila rub against my leg. Gently, I petted her ear and she nuzzled even more deeply. And then I became more enamored of my pet, as I recognize that she is non-judgmental, loves me whether I have messy hair, stinky breath or extra pounds. It is wonderful to be loved unconditionally like that, I do say!

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