Incredible Hearing

There sits Lila, comfortably staking out the surroundings while I putter away in my garden. Every once in a while, she will perk up and I can hear a deep but very quiet rumble coming from her. I look around and see nothing but experience with Lila has shown me that she can hear an unfamiliar car down the road a minute or two before the vehicle is actually close to our front gate.

I used to scold Lila when she growled at “nothing”. Now I accompany her because invariably she has issued a warning and in a couple of minutes, I will see the source of her stress. Dogs are incredible creatures. Lila is such a good pet that she can really communicate most of her needs. She came to us when she was about 5 months old. We don’t know exactly where she dropped out of someone else’s life 10 years ago and chose our home but we are so glad she did.

At the age of 10 and with most of those 10 years spent with us, we are very well acclimated to one another. We used to have three more dogs but we have lost them (in their old age) and we only have Lila left. I don’t think we will “replace” Lila. Aside from the fact that she is one of a kind, we are also getting a little too old to entertain getting an animal that will outlive us. I never thought I would find myself saying these things so naturally but I suppose we all come to terms with our mortality. Better to plan it and enjoy living while we are still alive. Taking our cues from our pets is often a very good idea. They live the present. They love in the present. They judge at no time.

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