Pets in the White House 2021

Photo by Jozef Fehu00e9r on

Our current White House occupier joked at one of his rallies that he could not imagine himself walking a dog. He went on to skit out exactly what he thought he might look like. I found the little clip entertaining and thought for the first time, how strange it was that no one in his entire family gives the impression of liking or owning dogs or cats. I could be wrong, it’s just that no mention of them has ever happened.

The president-elect, however, and all the presidents (except the current one) that I can remember in my lifetime did own dogs…and maybe the odd cat as well. I am very happy that two German Shepherds will be making a comeback. I know it is too early yet, the election has not been certified and whatnot, but come on, politics aside, don’t all of us who love dogs look forward to that?

My Lila sits comfortably at my feet as I write this. I will not let her know that I am not writing about her, she is very sensitive. Years ago, I edited a local e-magazine. One of our contributors was a 9 year old dog. He had quite the following until a woman who was best friends with his owner (and editor!) had a falling out with the owner and tried to get me to “fire” the poor dog! Imagine that? People are funny. Our four footed, furry friends are so much bigger than that!

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