Adopting a New Pet!

Photo by Connor Danylenko on

A friend of mine (Cathy) recently had to make the sad decision to ask the veterinarian to help her send her 12 year old dog to canine heaven. It was a very difficult choice but the dog could not longer see well or climb steps. He was showing signs of dementia. Cathy had been told by her veterinarian that putting the pet down was the more humanitarian thing to do. That was about a month ago. I identified with her grief because I have had the same experience in my life, times 3!

I recently visited Cathy (masks, distance, etc.) and noticed the large pointed ears of a black puppy sitting in a balcony window. Cathy told me that the new puppy came from a neighbor across the street. It seemed a strange thing to me, that they replaced their dog so quickly but when she told me the entire story, I agreed it was a good choice.

It happens that the neighbor is not fond of dogs. Someone gave the dog to him and since day one, he tied it up and left it to fend for itself during the day while he was at work. The puppy was frustrated and every once in a while managed to escape its chain and make its way across the street to spend some time with my friend’s husband, Sam. Sam noticed that the puppy’s neck was lacerated from its pulling on its leash but said nothing when he returned the puppy to its owner in the evening.

Last week, the puppy escaped again and made it to Sam and Cathy’s workshop. When evening came, Sam visited the puppy’s owner and asked if he would be interested in giving the puppy to Sam. The owner did not hesitate for an instant. He went inside and brought the puppy’s bowl and food supplies to Sam. He confessed that he didn’t like dogs and that he honestly had no time to care for one and was feeling very guilty about the condition the dog’s neck was in. Sam assured him that the dog would not be a burden to him any longer.

The new puppy is timid, probably shy from being neglected so long. I am sure, though, that she will soon emerge as a friendly and happy pet who will live many years and give lots of love and affection to her new family. It is wonderful when I am able to write these happy-ending stories. They are the best!

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