Relaxing Twitter Time!

I hate to admit it but I have spent a lot of my “downtime” on Twitter during the pandemic. In my defense, it is because I have found that most news hit the TL quicker than reported on any other platform. My husband is anti-social media and I admit that after 10 years I did delete my FB account but Twitter is a necessity and IG is just fun.

After the “contested” elections, I spent a lot of time pretty anxious about what was developing. Between the elections and the covid numbers, I wrestled with many emotions. I became a twitter poster, much to my surprise. Then I became a contributor to a lot of causes that I would not have heard of were it not for Twitter. Finally I started to follow other people besides politicians and my TL has increasingly been filled with all the randomness you can image.

Last week, I decided that I was going to begin following people who posted pictures of their pets, mostly cats and dogs. I had no idea that my serotonin levels needed a boost but boy am I glad I’ve done it. As a dog owner, I’ve never been one of those people to buy excessive toys for my pets, or outfits or even indulgences for snacks and stuff. I guess that I grew up in a family that had limited resources and no long-term pets so my discretionary income was not geared towards that. But I love to see what people get up to with their dogs. There are funny videos, heartwarming photos and just generally cute sharing.

I enjoy the tweets that alert us to the fact that they are TL cleansers. Usually, they are spectacularly refreshing and a welcome break from all the horrid news! For 2021 I am going to try to limit my time on social media and devote more of it to my writing but for the next several days, I will just continue as I am!

picture my own

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