An Alarm!

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The first full week of 2021 has ended. In my most anxious days I have never felt the insecurity that last Wednesday’s activity in Washington D.C. have brought us face to face with. Regardless of party affiliation most sane, thinking people have to pause and think about what it means going forward. In the days following, behavior from our politicians leaves much to be desired. Everything that goes on in the U.S. reverberates worldwide and I don’t think we are going to have our “prestige” back for years to come.

I have been awake for hours. Our dog barks an alert that instantly brings me to the present and I investigate what is upsetting her. I see a neighbor walking his dog. The same neighbor I will encounter later as he sits mask-less in a local restaurant for hours on his computer composing his narratives, not unlike the outgoing president of the U.S. I don’t understand the behavior but I know enough now not to engage with him as he has his opinions and they vary vastly from my own. I simply try to avoid the places he frequents but I feel sad that it has to be this way.

I know this is a blog about pets and one of the most wonderful things about sharing a home with one is the fact that pets really do keep one in the present. They let you know when they need something and continue to call for attention until their immediate desires are satisfied. It is excusable for them to behave this way because they do not possess the human abilities we are supposed to have: maturity, the ability to wait, etc. I attend to my pet’s needs and in her own way, she also satisfies my need to nurture and practice empathy. Pets deserve the special place they have in our hearts.

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