TL Cleansers!

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I feel a little bit smug right now! My iPhone just gave me my screen time data and they tell me it was down by something like 15% last week. My screen time is mostly a reflection of the time I spend on Twitter, constantly updating my feed to see if anything monumental is happening. Last week, I spent more of my time on my computer…still on Twitter but now away from the prying eyes of the “screen time” supervisor on my iPhone! Hahaha! That’s why I feel smug, I fooled them. The truth is I probably increased my time by 15%!

Of course, spending so much time in this manner is not conducive to mental health and I am not the only one who feels this way. Every once in a while, someone will insert a picture of their pet and ask us to do the same. These are called TL cleansers and boy, do they elicit smiles in me. I just love them and often do try to share pictures of my pet to give someone else the same kind rush I get when seeing someone else’s pet. People can be so creative! They groom their dogs for pictures, complete with cute or outrageous outfits. In a different decade I might have judged that behavior but today, after all we’ve been through, I totally understand.

Our pets are part of our life. As I see my Lila today, slowing down, headed towards her 11th birthday, I am more and more appreciative of every day and every gesture of affection she has towards me. I don’t consider myself an overly affectionate person although I do love deeply. I suppose my upbringing is partly the reason, my parents were not overly demonstrative and did not model that for me. So while I will do everything to ensure the health and safety of my pets, I have never been the kind to caress them excessively or shower them with presents, treats or game playing. Still, I have enjoyed fierce loyalty from them and I think they know how I feel.

This week is an important one in American politics. I am praying that all will go well because I have children who live and work in the U.S. From my vantage point here in Costa Rica, I can honestly say that I am surprised by how our citizens are following the developments in our North American friends’ yards. Of course, we do have a hefty number of expats living here and I do expect that the numbers will rise not only because it’s our high season but because every presidential election encourages someone unhappy with the result to find a place with better sunshine. Unfortunately, the new arrivals often forget that they are wiser leaving their politics behind!

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