Dogs in the White House!

There is a man in my neighborhood that I have known for more than 15 years. Our life philosophy could not be more different. We talk superficially most of the time because I cannot stand getting into conversations with him that end up with him laughing at me and me feeling frustrated and angry that a person who looks perfectly “normal” is so bizarrely “out there” in his thinking.

I don’t remember exactly how we met except that he is in Real Estate and I was in Tourism which gave us the opportunity to coincide at various venues in the small town we inhabit as we promoted our respective fields. It did not take long for me to realize that he was unable to answer any direct questions directly and it did not take long for him to realize that my seriousness was easily teased. He took advantage of the fact that I could not simply be rude to him, given my penchant for being “popular”, relentlessly teasing me about one thing or another whenever we came across each other. I began to avoid him if I spotted him first at any gathering. Mature, I know.

Life takes many turns and a year ago this man ended up living at the end of our road. Every day, he takes his dogs (3) for walks early in the morning. He has to make two trips, alternating among the dogs he takes each time and often devoting a solitary walk with a gorgeous, young and energetic Rottweiler who needs more exercise than the other two older pets. Every time he walks out, our pet voices her displeasure. After a year, you would think she’d be used to it but in fact she is not.

Although I have many issues with this neighbor, I recognize in him a total devotion and serious attentiveness when it comes to his pets and guardians. I cannot think someone with this much love and commitment can be all bad, so I give him the benefit of the doubt even as I continue to avoid conversing with him.

I read today that the Bidens’ dogs have arrived at the White House. After 4 years of a pet less, humane-less White House, it will be a very welcome change. Major and Champ are about to become our Nation’s pets just as Joe Biden has become our Grandpa!

Major and Champ image

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