A New Month!

It’s Monday…the first day of February and the first Monday of February. Usually Mondays are very busy days in our household. Lila just wants to lie around the house. I do too but I can’t because there is shopping to do, laundry to wash, plants to tend to…and a host of other things that require my attention.

The weather in parts of the U.S. is horrible right now. My children are buried under many inches of snow, fortunately indoors and warm and cozy…until of course, they need to get out there and shovel. Those days are over for me as I now live in the tropics but just thinking of them in that weather makes me feel guilty. Of course they can come and live here too but that has many many complications. Oh well.

Our daughter is coming home at the end of the week. Due to Covid, I have not been able to travel to New York, something I would have done at least twice in the last year. She is fortunate to have a job that allows her to be a digital nomad, something that pays well and she can do from here while enjoying all the nurturing that her parents are eager to bestow on her. I often wonder what our lives would be like if we had chosen to remain in New York forever. We will never know, I guess that will always remain a mystery…but I can incorporate some “what ifs” in my writing.

I am working hard to make 2021 the year I publish my first book. It will be a short fiction novel. I feel guilty (and I should) that the whole month of January has passed and here I am, not having edited a single word of any of the three books I have started. I just purchased another “how to” book but I think this time I will really put into practice some of the suggestions. The first one I really took notice of was the advice to work on only one project at a time until it is finished. I have so many characters in my head right now that I think this is actually a good time to put everyone to bed except the very first project that began with lots of promise around three years ago when I first joined a small writing group.

This blog is supposed to be about my pet. I somehow made it about writing today. However, it is important to connect my pet to my writing by acknowledging that nothing makes her happier than to see me sit at my computer. She doesn’t care whether my writing is good or bad, she just enjoys lying at my feet for however long I choose to stay put. Sentence after sentence does get written and every once in a while, I will pet her head or rub her belly, both actions which she appreciates very much. I don’t know what she is thinking and she doesn’t know what I am writing, but in those minutes or hours together, we both experience peace.

2 Replies to “A New Month!”

  1. Writing’s one of those things like exercise. At the end of the day, you just have to do it, and no one else can help you with that. Wishing you all the best with your goals to getting published this 2021!

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