Grooming Gone Great!

Lila after her first professional grooming!

We had no idea how Lila would react to strangers grooming her. We took her to her appointment fully prepared to sit and wait until it was over. The menu was extensive: hair, nails, ears and teeth. The lovely veterinarian/groomer immediately assessed the situation and suggested we leave Lila and come back for her a couple of hours later.

A couple of hours? I almost fainted, I confess. I felt like I was dropping off my toddler at Pre-K. I just wasn’t prepared for the emotional way I would feel. The groomer confessed that the “canine and feline” clientele often behaved better when their human parents were not around. I hesitated but put on a brave front and left.

My husband and I had some errands to run so we got busy with that. Then we did some chores around the house. We checked our clock…more than an hour had gone by. No word from the groomer. We started to get anxious but no call was better than a frantic call asking us to come get her immediately, wasn’t it? A few minutes later, I received a photo of Lila in the deep basin. She didn’t look ecstatic but the groomer communicated that she was being very well behaved and that they would contact again when it was time to get her which would be in another 45 minutes.

The call came just as expected. We rushed to be reunited with our Lila and we were overwhelmed with how beautiful she looked. Her hair was velvety and not matted. Very little trimming was required but all the wooly, wispy hair that she dropped everywhere was now gone. Her nails were not making a racket against the tiles and more importantly, her teeth and ears sparkled and she smelled great. I couldn’t have been more pleased and will certainly recommend the groomers without reservation.

Lila seems happy, certainly no worse for wear.

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