Mischievous Cats!

When our daughter decided to come home for a few months and brought her cat, we had no idea what to expect. Generally speaking our family has been dog oriented so the idea of a cat in house had not ever occurred to us. I am pleased to report that Otis is adjusting to the tropics very nicely, so nicely in fact that the geckos in the neighborhood better stay alert. I don’t think he ever encountered a gecko in New York City, it has been quite the adventure for him.

Last week, my daughter asked me to visit with Otis when she was away for a few days. I was happy to do so, renewing my tepid relationship with him cautiously. I went in and out of the house several times a day, always making sure that the doors were firmly locked/closed behind me to prevent Otis from escaping killing geckos! One day, I panicked when I could not find the guy. I looked everywhere. I was sure I had not inadvertently left any doors open. I knew he could not escape through any windows and I checked to see if any of the screens had been ripped open. None of that happened.

I was just about to give up and call my daughter to ask her to come home and help me look when from the corner of my eye, I beheld the tiniest of movements. There was the not-so-little fellow:

How he got in there or out (I didn’t stay to watch!) is anyone’s guess. He gave me a good scare and will likely continue to explore all the places he can hide … or was there a gecko tempting him?

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