A Mind of Her Own!

I have been observing our 11 year old dog, Lila, for the last few days. She has taken to lying down and just watching the world go by in the most unusual places. Of course, I write this without really knowing what places were her usual spot because pre-covid, I spent a great deal of my days without her in my peripheral vision.

It did not occur to me until just now that the pandemic restrictions of the last year have changed her habits as well as ours. I am certain she can tell that her humans are around a lot more than before and I wonder whether it actually means anything. Isn’t it odd not knowing whether our pets can think or not? I used to wonder about our other dogs, the ones that now live in dog heaven, and whether they would have latched on to any other person if given the choice. Like say someone came over with fancy or tasty treats, would the dogs completely forget the years of faithful feeding and just take off with the stranger?

It is a question that really cannot be answered and is kind of silly, I know. A few weeks ago, someone stole a famous celebrity’s dogs from one of her faithful walkers. The poor guy even got beaten. A reward was offered and the dogs were eventually returned unharmed and although I did not follow whether the reward was collected or not, I am baffled about why someone would take someone else’s belongings. I have always been puzzled about that, it is one of the reasons I no longer have household help…something was alway missing or broken and the culprit never found.

Today is a quiet day. The beginning of Holy Week. I am not very religious but this week has always meant something to me, probably because my parents were not zealots but they did observe traditions and Holy Week is an important one the Catholic calendar. I enjoy the quiet. I wish it was quiet more often so that I could devote myself to writing for a good part of the day without distractions. We have recently added a tall wall that shields our front door from the curious passerby traffic that has increased in the last several years. I know that Lila misses seeing her old dog pals but I don’t miss her alarming bark every time an unknown guest visited the neighborhood.

Changes aren’t always welcome. I am still struggling with the changes to WordPress but I guess unless I want to pay for it, Classic Editor is a part of my past. I think it might be my status as a boomer that makes me long for the old days but I know my inner competitor will not give up until she conquers the many new things WordPress is giving us bloggers!

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