Best Friends!

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on

I’ve heard and I know that cats and dogs can really get to love each other deeply and become best friends but I don’t see it happening any time soon for Lila and Otis.

Otis is new to the tropics. He spends his day longingly watching the birds that stop by and sing on their way from branch to branch. Lila spends most of her day lying at the feet of whatever human happens to be sitting nearby. Otis is not friendly to Lila though he isn’t mean either. He is just a cat that is very happy to do his own thing, solitarily. Poor Lila. I am too busy all day to pay too much attention to her, not something I feel good about it but that’s the way it is right now. Lila however, is a very social animal and would love more attention.

I often wonder what my pets are thinking. It doesn’t seem fair that they have all that time on their hands and don’t need to do anything with it, like I do. The other day my daughter was mentioning that she thought everyone could benefit from therapy. I agree though if everyone (including the therapists) is undergoing therapy, then who is actually mentally healthy? Is there such a thing?

Today has been a really busy day. Aside from the normal Monday routine of laundry, I accompanied my daughter to rent a car. And good thing since her credit card did not work here today. I am eager for her to start driving around more, getting that confidence on the road that is really only achieved when one is alone in a car and faced with jerks or situations to maneuver on ones own. She is taking us out for dinner and has already said she is driving so that we are free to enjoy a cocktail. But wait, what about her???? No, I know she is very responsible and the woman who delivered the car gave her some tips which included no drinking and driving!

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