Just For Fun!

Lila is such a good sport. The other day we took her for her second grooming at a new place. They absolutely love her, she is so sweet tempered. But who knows what goes on in her mind when she finds herself alone and suddenly all wet and shampooed. It has to be done but poor thing. She comes home and quickly gets back into her routine of sitting at my feet and a tiny twinge of guilt comes over me. Our pets are so trusting and so helpless. How can anyone harm them? Why would anyone purposely teach them to be mean?

Last weekend I made a monumental decision. I am buying myself a small, used car. I am getting it from someone I know and trust. It does not sound like a big deal but my husband is not a fan of used anything cars so I had to convince him that I was serious and he had to accept that I am using my own money, not the household budget. He finally saw my determination and has actually grown used to the idea and has researched everything about my future little car.

In order to finalize the sale, the woman who is selling it offered to bring me the car to keep and try out for a week. I haven’t been driving it much basically because my mind is pretty much made up and some really important defect would have to be found in order for me to change my mind. That’s me, once I make a decision, I stick with it. On Sunday, just as the woman was going home, Lila went over to the car and someone placed some recently fallen plumeria flowers on her back. I couldn’t resist and share here the lovely picture of my beautiful pet with my soon to be lovely new old car!

Picture my own

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