Learning From Our Pets!

Generally speaking, Mondays are very busy days for me. In contrast to the usually quiet Sunday, I set up Mondays to get right to business by doing the laundry, washing my (very long, very thick, very curly) hair and generally tidying up. In the past, I had board meetings to attend to on Mondays though Covid-19 has interrupted that.

I do not have the dreaded Monday syndrome because I have it properly scheduled. There is no room for boredom and by the time evening comes along and the dinner dishes washed and put away, I am more than ready for bed.

This Monday was like all other Mondays. I woke up earlier than usual so I caught up on my social media and emails. I have to say that since I stopped publishing an e-magazine I used send out monthly, closed my business and quit many pro-bono groups I belonged to, my emails are mostly marketing prompts or newsletters that I have subscribed to. It is with some curiosity that I am analyzing myself for an intangible feeling of disconnect that I am experiencing.

I write a Sunday blog to many of the same people who used to subscribe to my e-magazine list. I began the blog more than a decade ago in an effort to connect my community to each other. My intention was to always supply some kind of positivity on Sundays. No matter what was going on in the world, I could always find something positive or heartwarming to share with the community on Sundays, something I felt they might be able to identify with and respond to. The last year of Sundays has been a challenge.

I subscribe to similar blogs, seeking inspiration from writers I believe are much more talented and well-versed than I. Garrison Keillor is one of my favorites. He often writes positively (he sometimes doesn’t) but because he has a way with words he makes me nostalgic for the past and envious of how a “proper” education can enhance a person’s natural abilities. In any event, he never fails to amuse or instruct or inform. I envy that ability.

Every once in a while lately, I have been feeling restless, like I want some important change to happen in my life. I think I am finally beginning to understand long-term Covid-19 restriction fatigue. I will get my first dose of the vaccine on Thursday this week and I hope the after-effects are not hard. I am not drinking alcohol and I am hydrating purposefully to prepare my body for the “invasion”. I will follow up and let you know how it goes.

This is my animal blog but I haven’t so much as mentioned my pet! I just caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Some things this morning did not go as I had planned. Mondays being what they are (busy) I grabbed the first shirt I touched in my drawer and only now realize that I must have folded it before I knew the magic of MariKondo…it looks like an accordion. I came to the room that my pet is in and she responded to me by wagging her tail happily and licking the hand I offered. Pets are not judgmental and for today, I will follow the example and go about my work without glancing at the mirror again. Animals have things to teach, don’t they!

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