A Mother’s Ordeal

Otis at the Vet’s

My daughter has been visiting us since February. She came with her 4 year old cat, Otis. I had heard her laments about what it took to get him here from NY but I guess some part of me wanted to believe she was exaggerating about his behavior. Not ever having been a cat owner, I have not taken the time to learn what it takes to get a cat comfortable with the world of travel.

It has come time for her to return to NY, at least temporarily so we took Otis to the veterinarian for his official traveling documents. His reluctance to get into the travel case was quite shocking but the thing that almost did me in was the way he cried when we were driving to the vet’s office. I have never heard anything like it, I was completely shocked that this behavior was actually real. He wailed like a baby, I had to keep turning around to make sure a baby hadn’t actually shown up on the scene.

The veterinarian did his best to examine him but it really didn’t go very well. Otis hissed and showed his claws, something he has never done with me so it shocked me. We had warned them all ahead of time but they did not believe us and assured me they had been in contact with other fierce animals and we need not worry. I think even they were a bit surprised by the aggression.

Watching my daughter’s reaction to Otis’ behavior made me feel solidarity with her. I could tell she was at once embarrassed by his antics and worried about the anxiety he was feeling. It reminded me of my own feelings when my children had to undergo examinations by doctors or dentists. Moms always wish they could take their children’s place when bad stuff happens. We got through it and now Otis is all set for traveling.

picture my own

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