What a Pet!

Above is a picture taken by my daughter when Lila first arrived on the scene. It is hard to believe that was almost 11 years ago. What adventures awaited us, we had no clue but to say that this was one special puppy who simply took over our lives is to put it mildly. Every week when I do the household chores, I am faced with a wooden door that Lila scratched up early in her residency with us.

We had no idea what to expect from her and needed to go out for a couple of hours, so we lined the bathroom floor with newspapers (she was only about 5 months old, we weren’t sure she was housebroken!), put down a bowl with water and closed the door. She was unhappy and we felt awful but we could not let her roam free in the house with Winnie who was not at all friendly to her at first (or ever really).

My daughter and I went and did our errand (I think it was probably an art lesson for her) and when we returned home a few hours later, we could hear the whining and scratching going on. Lila sounded desperate. I opened the door and found the scratches and decided that the poor thing needed a scolding but it would just have to wait for another time because she was so cute and cuddly that it was almost impossible to be angry. Plus she was so happy to see me, no judgment, no anger just lots of welcome licks! Who could be mad about that. Not me and certainly not that day.

Lila is 11 years old now. She has no interest in scratching anything these days. When we walk, she treads carefully, looks for ramps rather than stairs and doesn’t even require a leash to lead her home. And when I return from errands, she still greets me at the door and licks my hands or my face. Pets are amazing, so glad I have her.

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