Cautious but Friendly

Lila is an amazing dog. Her hearing is so sharp that she can tell when my husband is approaching in the car from blocks away. She can “sense” the presence of strange dogs and lets them know they are not welcome in her queendom! So it was quite surprising last week when a cute miniature schnauzer made himself at home in our property and she didn’t let anyone know about it.

Our gardener alerted us to the fact, sent me a picture and secured the little fellow in a large pen we used when we had 4 dogs. The visitor was very happy, running from one end of the pen to another, drinking the water that was offered to him and generally enjoying the attention he was getting from all the humans. Lila was unaware of anything going on, content to continue to nap in her favorite spot under the kitchen counter. I admit I was a little concerned by this apathy but decided we needed to try to locate the dog’s owner.

There is an excellent animal rescue charity in our small town and I thought that I would contact them, send a picture and hope for the best. If the dog had been female, I might have been tempted to keep her but there is a strong (irrational) argument against male dogs in our household so I knew there would be no temptation from anyone at home to keep him. Still, he was very cute, quite friendly and already “fixed”!

We did not have to go too far or spend too much time on locating the owner. Apparently the mischievous dog is an experienced escape artist who makes his way around town. I was promptly arranging things with his owner. When I advised my husband of the successful connection, he decided to meet the little intruder. Lila was at his heels. It was at this moment when Lila became aware of what her master was doing…the frenzied barking began. She pulled, she whined… she had a tantrum! She became so jealous of the attention shown this little animal that it was a little embarrassing, thankfully we were on our property.

Lila was allowed to go sniff the other dog and quickly became playful but the Schnauzer growled at her and scared her off. Such loud growls from such a little dog, it’s really amazing how they are. We were glad to have met the audacious chap but we are also glad his owner promised to keep better watch over him.

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