A Tired But Happy Pet

I wonder sometimes why humans can be so unkind. The latest event at the White House, the sad event of Champ’s passing at age 13, has caused some mean comments to appear on social media. Why? People who cannot understand the grief a person feels when they lose a beloved pet in the family should just keep their comments to themselves. No one is asking their opinion, no one needs to add more heat to an already difficult situation.

My iCloud storage is very full. I made the decision some time ago, to go ahead and pay $0.99 for an additional 45 GB of storage but that is all I am willing to pay. I am an Apple devotee but even I believe that enough is enough. They want us to pay from $2.99 to $9.99 for additional storage that we can share with family members but in my opinion that only encourages more and more cluttering…so in the interest of maintaining my storage under 50 GB, I have been cleaning up photos that I have downloaded in two different locations.

I see where my interest really lie when I look at the pictures. Lila and our other pets are photographed often. There are countless videos. Flowers and sunsets are also big, as are other scenes from Nature. Lila and pets are the subjects of this blog so I will take this opportunity to write about what having pictures of them all means to me. I love looking at the different stages we have gone through. Puppy-hood, the grooming, the sleeping, eating, playing. I see the changes in Lila through the years. She is a happy dog and at age 11 she is slowing down very noticeably.

When I read about Champ and then saw the comments, I looked over at Lila, accepting that in another couple of years, that might be our situation. It is never easy to lose a pet if you are a caring owner. I wish more people would realize what harm they cause others and just stop but then again, I don’t think anyone of them cares what we animal lovers have to say.

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