Distractions and Obligations

It’s Monday. The busiest day of my week. Each day is closer to the 30th of June, the day that officially ends my tenure as treasurer of the local nursing home after a five year run. Since I write weekly in five blogs, I am not sure whether or not I have mentioned it in this blog because this blog is exclusively dedicated to life with my pets and nature. A well-rounded life and blog should include everything though and if I have been remiss in mentioning it in the past, I have spent a lot of time volunteering for this and that in the community of which I have been part for almost 20 years.

Wednesday will be a special day for my husband and me. For him, it is the official end of his long career as the vice-president of a small company and for me the conclusion of all these years of community service. July 1st marks the beginning of a completely new life for us and I think we are both ready and eager for it. Lila sits at my feet, snoring away the morning. I am envious. She is aging and so are we, I feel nostalgia for her puppyhood but acceptance for what is to come for us all.

In an effort to consolidate myself with my “things”, I have relocated my laptop to my cluttered office. I am determined to do all my “work” here. But this “work” is now full-time devotion to my neglected pursuits: writing, crafting, reading. I may not get far in the next couple of months, but I am grateful for each day I awaken.

I have resigned myself to the fact that my old desk-top Dell can no longer be upgraded. Its internal hard disk is so obsolete even miracle workers who pride themselves on MacGyvering just about anything have suggested I give it a proper burial. It has been hard to let go. Just this morning as I dusted the CPU and wonder why I still have it, I am amused to see the toy action figures that should also have found their way to the “give away” pile. But how can I get rid of those cute Dalmatians, that whimsical Powerpuff Girl that makes me feel like I can (still) take on the world, or the Slinky Dog Toy from Toy Story that reminds me just how much I loved all the movies? I think the CPU has a better chance of disappearing from my life than the action figures ever will.

I spent a lot of time and money on these figurines. My stepson, 5 years old when his father and I married, taught me to stretch my imagination and come up with countless stories. He loved taking on different personalities and conjuring scenarios, heroes and adventures. It was a good time for bonding and 30 years later, I can say that those early days were the perfect thing for both of us although we didn’t know it or appreciate it as such at the time.

Bat Duck, Superman, Sesame Street and all other figurines are safely stored in different areas of my home. I know everyone has found that the pandemic has forced them to look at their lives and de-clutter as much as possible but these items are not cluttering my life, they are repositories of memories. Instead of storing them, I will probably find a way to display them more prominently so the memories and stories can become essays in future blogs.

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