Enjoying Musing!

I was away from home all day yesterday. Today I find myself strangely aware that I miss a lot of things when I don’t have my pet around to take my mind off the sometimes difficult circumstances I encounter when I am out in the world driving around.

I was on my way to meet a friend for lunch. Although I had a vague idea of where I was headed, I decided to turn on my Waze app and let it guide me. I was not very keen on the first few suggestions and kept hearing that “rerouting” chirp and at one point one of the roads was marked in red though I could not see anything up ahead. It occurred to me that Waze does its own routing with little consideration for anything besides avoiding tolls and supposedly being the most direct route. I was experiencing panic a few times when I felt the neighborhoods I was passing were not only unfamiliar to me but also a bit sketchy…

When I realized I was going to be very late for my lunch appointment, I essentially gave up and tried to ascertain where I was. I finally contacted my friend and was guided to the restaurant the old fashioned way. I was late but we did manage a couple of hours of delightful conversation catching up after more than a year of not seeing one another. When it was time to go, we both headed to our respective cars.

Not having had enough punishment from Waze, I decided to turn it back on because I was still a bit disoriented about where I was, a sense of direction has never been my forte. When I told Waze where I wanted to go, the first thing it told me was that I had license plate restrictions for the day and should probably not be driving! I realized then that the messages I had ignored when I first set out in the morning were making the same comments but I had decided to ignore them because driving restrictions have been modified repeatedly for our area and Waze didn’t know. However, that was why it took me on such circuitous paths to get to a place rather than the usual way. Waze was protecting me from getting a ticket or having my license plates removed by transit officials. It was actually looking out for me. It felt at once invasive and comforting.

I was so glad to be home and in the company of my pet who was welcoming and forgiving!

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